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About the Firm

The law offices of William Portanova are recognized throughout California for successful representation of people and businesses that have been brought into contact with the criminal justice system. Our clients include corporations, executives, public officials, law enforcement, state agencies and individuals in conflict with the state or federal government.

As a former state and federal prosecutor, Mr. Portanova has the experience necessary to guide clients through whatever problems they may encounter. He is supported by a highly qualified team that helps build the case and perform due diligence so that he may use 100% of his time putting his expertise and influence to work for our clients.

Our firm is typically called upon to represent people who are being investigated or have been charged with criminal violations of state and federal laws. We are often called to assist during the investigative phase, and sometimes even before that. The truth is, if you have reason to even think about calling an attorney, it is never too early when you are dealing with the government.

The law offices of William Portanova emphasize representation in many areas, including all manner of “white collar crime,” which is an informal description that includes fraud and other financial crimes generally committed without the use of violence. For a more detailed description, please see our Practice Areas.

In addition to representing those accused of or being investigated for such crimes, we are also often retained by those who consider themselves to be victims of such crimes. In these cases, we actually perform the role of the government, investigating and proving that crimes have been committed against such clients. Our investigations of such matters can be discreet or publicly announced, depending on the circumstance. The results of our investigations can then be brought to the appropriate authorities for official action, often leading to successful prosecutions of our targets—or the results can remain confidential.

We are also retained to advise clients regarding everything from target letters, subject letters and witness subpoenas. We can help clients respond to investigations, depositions, preliminary hearings and jury trials. No case is too complex or too minimal. Our decision to accept a client depends more on the client than on the charge.

William Portanova’s training and experience in both prosecution and defense allow each client to receive a full review of his or her legal situation and available options. Working together, the appropriate response is prepared and implemented, subject to continuing review of ever-changing circumstances.

We strongly advise any person who anticipates contact with the criminal justice system to contact an attorney immediately.

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