Justice Never Sleeps

Attorney William Portanova has been practicing law in the state and federal criminal justice systems for over thirty years, investigating, prosecuting, defending and resolving all manner of cases. After serving as a prosecutor for 15 years, Portanova went into private practice representing individuals and businesses throughout California who, for one reason or another, have come into contact with the state or federal criminal justice system. Our experience on both sides of the courtroom—prosecution and defense—provides us with a comprehensive understanding and a high degree of competence in all related matters.

Overcoming the burden of suspicion can be an overwhelming project, especially for those suffering through their first such experience. Once the government forms the opinion a person has done something wrong, that person’s world can change in an instant. In such times, it is never too soon to seek professional legal guidance. The criminal justice system is a minefield where the stakes are high and mistakes are permanent.Whatever the case, we can approach it as a business transaction and seek speedy resolution, we can pursue an aggressive defense with the ultimate goal of acquittal at jury trial, or we can achieve something in between. Regardless of the approach, we are single-minded in purpose: to serve our clients with exceptionally capable, highly responsive legal representation. Justice happens on its own timetable, which is why we are on call 24/7, ready to act or intercede at a moment’s notice.